Stuck at home? Feeling like you are in a cage?

Stuck at home? Feeling like you are in a cage?

We live in uncertain times. The COVID-19 has shaken us all in a way or the other. It is so easy and human to panic. But it is exactly in those moments that we need to keep a cool head. Mindset and trust in the future are the keys.

Just for fun and to lighten up the atmosphere, I have written a list of thing you can do while being stuck at home. What did I miss? 

– call a friend or relative you haven’t talk to for a while

– read the book you bought 5 years ago (yes, that one, the one lying around your house, that makes you feel bad every time you see it)

– watch a movie or two you always wanted to see or watch again

– talk to your partner (and when I say talk, I mean – have a real conversation!)

– write your memoir 

– start writing a journal

– enrol in an online course

– play with your kids

– talk to your kids

– bake the cake you always wanted to try

– cook that 4 course meal you never had the time to cook

– clean your email inbox (yes, all the 15.000 emails, well, maybe just click on delete all and it is done :D) 

– write a book (maybe about being stuck at home and all the thoughts you are having?)

– clean the basement (oh no, don’t open that box, you know which one, just trow it away)

– clean your wardrobe and get rid of all your clothes and shoes you don’t need or use, or are too big or too small, they will not fit anyway)

– clean Te Bermuda Triangle drawer (yes the one, where everything just disappears in it and you never see the things again)

– write down what are you grateful for

– clean the windows (yes, also the ones in the back that no-one ever sees)

– watch a documentary

– imagine your life after this and all the things you will do

– order and clean up all your 81.753 digital photos

– paint a wall

– do some little self care, like a bath 

– exercise with the help of a video guide

– start that hobby you always wanted to but never had time

– listen to music and DANCE

– sing karaoke

– relax…

– just be happy and grateful that you are ALIVE 🙂

And if you need help with keeping a cool head, give me a call, I am here to help!

Lots of health, Joy