Whether you are looking to reach a specific goal, or you would like to become a more effective leader, executive & leadership coaching will help you in your professional and personal development.

Depending on your position, sometimes I also act as a sounding board or sparring partner. I know from my own experience how important it is for leaders to have private conversations and the opportunity to discuss ideas and actions in a completely confidential manner.

I bring deep expertise and experience to every engagement. I understand the challenges facing today’s executives, because I have held high-level managerial and executive positions myself. I have walked the walk.

The focus may be on any number of topics or processes but may include interpersonal and professional communication, leading people, organisational effectiveness, an executive presence, strategic planning, conflict, or building an effective team.

I believe that continuous development of the skills and competencies of top-level employees is essential in achieving company’s success in today’s competitive marketplace. Executive coaching should be an integral part of this process.

Executives who engage in coaching build their confidence, productivity, and overall performance,  and are well positioned to lead their organisations into the future. Are you ready to embark on this journey yourself?

I partner with organisations and individuals to develop leadership skills, resulting in exceptional organisational and individual performance. I have been coaching senior and mid-level executives at start-ups, emerging businesses, and mature organisations.

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