My clients are my greatest supporters. I am overwhelmed by what they have said about me.

One of my direct reports has been working with Joy for about 5 months and it is incredible how much has she developed and grown as a leader. Improvements are really impressive. This has been acknowledged by others stakeholders in the company as well.

I would recommend to any executive starting in a new role or facing challenges in their current one to work with Joy.

K.A., Business Head, Pharma Industry, USA/Austria

Truly inspirational, authentic and passionate individual, solid professional experience, warm personality allows her to really challenge and push you to open up and be honest with her and yourself.

J.I, General Manger, luxury brand

Having had the opportunity to be coached by Joy, has been the single most important thing that happened in my professional life. A life changing experience.

A.F., Business Unit Head, Pharma

…thank you for your time and the words, questions and remarks you are using to break my nutshell…

S.E., Managing Director, Fortune500 technology company, Germany

Working with Joy has been a life changing experience, personally and especially professionally…

M.B., Managing Director, Fortune500 technology company, Italy division

Personal, experienced and engaging are a few of the first things that come to my mind when I think back on working with Joy. I had the pleasure of working with Joy during the Arrow Leadership Excellence Program 2018 – 2019 during which she was the facilitator as well as my coach and she shared with me a wealth of experience, advise and tools in regards to leadership. I was particularly impressed by Joy’s ability to ask the right questions and with that trigger personal reflection and initiate growth. As a coach and facilitator Joy earns my highest recommendation.

Rens van Dorst, Global Operations at Converge, Arrow, The Netherlands

Joy has the ability and intuition to sense what is at the heart of an issue and then analyses it through poignant, direct questions. Through this process, she is able to create a new empowering dimension where everything is possible.

Through her coaching sessions, Joy teaches you tools that can be applied in your everyday life to help you move towards your goals and dreams.

I really enjoyed our sessions and left feeling transformed.

Davide Calvi, CEO & Founder, T.Telecom Consulting Ltd, London, UK

“Journey with Joy.

What started as a mere trouble shooting exercise to support me in a challenging professional change process, turned into a joyful journey from the difficult starting point into the present and to a promising future.

With her positive, friendly spirit and a wholistic approach to my specific situation, Joy guided me through the depths of the challenge, not shying away from raising difficult questions and giving me concrete exercises to solve which brought me closer to the answers I was looking for. And what was the really astonishing thing about this journey: I even found answers to questions I had not raised so far, at least not in my professional environment, and in completely different contexts then I had expected.

So in a nutshell: it was my big pleasure to work together with Joy and I can only recommend her as a coach, especially if you are willing to open yourself to follow her guidance.”

Robert Ranftler, Head of Legal & Compliance, RHI Magnesita

I had a pleasure to came a across Joy during leadership training program in Arrow. Joy was leading one of the groups. She was very professional, well organized and easily adopting to group needs. Joy’s experience and skill set was fully utilized during the coaching sessions. She is great listener and because of her experience in business Joy is understands the issue easily and adopts the conversation to right path to search for solution. Definitely great coach, I hope our paths cross again in future.

Bartosz Kuchcinski, Director Strategic Sales, Converge-Arrow, Poland

I met Joy during my Leadership Program in Arrow (2018-19) , she provide us a lot of positive energy and with an opened mind was able drive the team to high level of performance . Thanks to her empathy and her emotional intellingence she was able to create a trust relationship with all the partecipants . I was proud to have her like personal coach , she inspired me to think in a different /positive way .She has the ability to explain in easy way the leadrship skills . We worked a lot but we also had a good time together.

Simonetta Vergani, EMEA Alliances Manager, Arrow Global Services, Italy

I worked with Joy to gain clarity and certainty for my business decisions, to help me re-launch my business with greater ease. She not only supported me through this part of my life, she also helped me shift a number of personal blocks that were holding me back. Joy is great at calling out real truths when you’re stuck in your own warped view of things, skilfully guides you to figure things out for yourself and at times puts on her mentor hat to help you get out of your own way. I can highly recommend Joy as she’s a fabulous champion for you and your dreams, and passionately coaches you to achieve your goals more easily and effortlessly.

Carola Moon, Business Owner, Carola Moon Portraits, Oxfordshire, UK

My time with Joy was an incredibly helpful experience. During a time when I was not sure of my direction or purpose, she helped me realise my true interests, goals and priorities. Joy is both a coach and a personal cheerleader. She asks difficult questions that get to the heart of who/what you want to be/do. She encourages you to venture out of your comfort zone, while simultaneously cultivating a warm and affectionate environment during your coaching sessions. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone who is at a professional crossroad, or just wanting some extra professional guidance.

Hallie McCormick, Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, USA

I have found my coaching experience with Joy extremely valuable. She brings a unique combination of real life experience along with a true passion for coaching, which has been instrumental in my personal and professional growth. Joy has helped me identify the challenges I was having, her ability to ask the right questions has helped me to uncover the root causes of key issues. Joy is an exceptional coach and I’d highly recommend her.

Melania Wenstrup, Global Key Account Programme Leader, Grant Thornton International, London, UK

It has been a great pleasure to work with Joy and I highly recommend her.

In the beginning it seemed unlogical to do online coaching sessions but this soon disappeared as snow for the sun. Joy is a great listener and intuitively feels what interventions to do and knows what kind of questions to ask by her expertise. And that works!

Keep it up Joy and reinvent the world, one person at a time.

Joost Veldman, Fundraiser, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I highly recommend Joy as a coach!

Just before hitting 30 I was suffering a major case of decision paralysis on what the next step of my career should be. As this was causing me substantial unrest I have asked Joy to help me get unstuck. In a few sessions she helped me to refocus from opportunities to my priorities and create an action plan.

Although the process was not always easy for me as I had to do some serious thinking down deep, Joy skillfully guided me through my thoughts. Looking back at what made it work I believe it was Joy’s…

…warm and positive personality. With Joy you know from the start that you will not be judged. The feeling of safety enabled me to truly open up and embrace her help.

…business experience. Joy’s executive experience enabled her to understand my indecision on a deeper level as well as draw from her own experience to help me understand where a given decision leads to. 

…intuition. She was really good at showing me where I myself did not believe in my own line of argumentation. Drilling-in on the weak spots together, she helped me discover where my priorities are and why.

 A few months after the sessions I am following the plan and am feeling very confident about my decision. I have also noticed that through our sessions I have built a decision platform that has helped me reduce the anxiety level in other major decisions I needed to make since.

Matija Krajnc, The Boston Consulting Group, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Thank you again for your input and guidance Joy. Your thirty minute power coaching session fit nicely into my work day and provided valuable guidance for tackling my areas of concern in an important upcoming meeting scheduled later that same day. I found your coaching style very professional yet personable.

Filipp Kogan, CFO, International Product Development, Inc., Vienna, Austria and the USA